Leupold GX-1i2 Rangefinder

$193.89 (as of November 20, 2017, 12:42 pm)

DNA (Digitally enhanced Accuracy) engine and advanced infrared laser provide faster measurements
Prism Lock technology affords unmatched accuracy
Tournament legal, rugged, compact and completely waterproof


Leupold GX-1i2 Rangefinder Instead of taking a “one size fits all” approach, Leupold has used over 100 years of experience in the optics and surveying industries to redefine golf rangefinders with a simple principle: customize them to the individual golfer’s needs. With Leupold’s exclusive PinHunter2 laser technology and seven selectable aiming reticles, the tournament-legal Leupold GX-1i2 Rangefinder utilizes cutting edge micro-processing circuitry and an advanced infrared laser to accurately and consistently hunt down the pin against any virtually background. The addition of Prism Lock technology affords unmatched accuracy by using highly reflective prisms already incorporated into many course features and pins to obtain a high intensity return to your GX-1i2 Rangefinder. With Prism Lock, holding the rangefinder steady becomes much less of a concern, and you can be assured your distance measurement is exact. For those die-hard golfers who play regardless of weather, the exclusive Fog Mode provides fast, accurate distance measurements, even in the worst conditions. Rugged, compact, and completely weatherproof, Leupold’s GX-1i2 Rangefinder is sure to shave strokes from your game. Welcome to the future of golf. Caddy Pack includes: GX-1i2 Rangefinder Two batteries Caddy pouch Leupold camo cap

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